Mnycxen 2.4Ghz 4CH Attitude Hold 4K WIFI Optical Flow Dual Camera RC Quadcopter Drone

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Please note, this item ships from an international seller. Expected delivery is 10-15 days. 2.4Ghz 4CH Attitude Hold 4K WIFI Optical Flow Dual Camera RC Quadcopter Drone Features:Double camera Can switch the camera below, not the same angle, not the same wonderfulHD adjustable camera:HD 4K CAMERA , 180 adjustable viewing angle, movie-level pixels, perfect color reproduction can adjust the shooting angle up and down, easy to take high-resolution photos and videos.Real nature HD presentation: Bring high-definition photos and videos with high-sensitivity sensors.Image tracking: The aircraft can follow the high-precision movements regardless of any activity, shooting your moving picture in any direction.Gestures and Gestures: Easily record and take pictures with simple gesturesExperiential follow: Calculate the displacement by optical flow method to achieve precise ositioning of the drone.Optical flow constant: Breakthrough height-fixing technology that keeps the drone consistent with the height below it.One-button 360 roll-up, one-off take-off, landing and droneless mode, making it easier and more fun to operate drones Product specifications:Product number: R8Type: Dual camera optical flow quadcopterChannels: 4 ChannelsGyroscope: 6-AxisSize:Expand 28x25cm / fold 11.5×9.5cmApplicable age: 14 +4K HD CAMERA Remote control: 2.4GHz controlControl distance: about 100 metersBattery capacity: 3.7V 1300mAh module lithium batteryCharging time: about 90minutesFlight time: about 13minutesRemote control battery: 3x AA battery (NOT INCLUDED) One-button take-off/landing, three speeds, 360-degree rollover, headless mode, one-button return, emergency stop, optical flow positioning, real-time aerial dual-camera 4K/configuration dual-lens synchronization, editing music, gesture photo recording, beauty, Trajectory, smart followPackage Included:1 Aircraft 1 Remote control2 3.7V 1300 MAH battery1 USB cable2 Fan blade4x Protection Cover 1x Screwdriver