MJX B12 EIS RC Drone with Camera 4K Brushless Motor 5G Wifi FPV Optical Positioning Quadcopter Electronic Image Stabilization Point of Interest Waypoint Flight 600m Control Distance 24mi

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The B12 EIS offers lots of intelligent flight modes, besidescommonfunctions, positioning,Follow me,trajectory flight, point of interest, waypoint flight are available. Professional aerial imaging benefits from longer flight time, the drone has a maximum flight time of 24mins, allowing more time in the airto capture the perfect shot.In addition, B20 EIS features a superior 4K Camera, with a one-key return function, the drone can find its way back home easily. It is easy to take off or land with one button through the remote control, and it is easy to control the drone without the need for a two-hand operation. An excellent for you. Features: Function: Electronic image stabilization(EIS), , 5G Wifi FPV,one key takeoff/landing/return, optical positioning, follow me, trajectory flight, point of interest, 4K camera, up/down, forward/backward, turn left/right, sideward flight, speed adjustment. Optical positioning& one-key operation: it captures image data with the drone’s bottom camera, then uses the optical to improve the smoothness of the flight. It’s more convenientto operate the drone when come across unexpected conditions andmakes it easy to find the way home. 5G WIFI FPV&Adjustable4K Stabilized Camera:Letyou see what your drone sees, ideal for filming a designated or simply to look around. The 5G WIFI real-time transmission distance reaches to 450m. Equipped with 4K cameras,captureamazingpictures and videos from the sky,with stable gimbal, the drone records vibration-free footage. Waypoint Flight & Point of Interesting: Click on any pointon the APP interface, it’ll automatically fly according to the assigned point, which allows the pilot to focus on camera control and enables more complex shots. Set a specific building or position as your point of interest, your aircraft will continuously circle around the preset point. FollowFunction&: The aircraft will track you automatically and capture your movement with a particular aerial view. The camera lens will keep pointing at the mobile phone and remain constant distance to the mobile phone. An advanced system makes itcompletely aware of its location and relation to you. Warranty: If there are any problems, please our store in time. will give you a satisfactory solution. Specifications: Model: B12 EIS Item name: RC Drone Color: Black Material: ABS Motor: 2204/1500KV brushless Remote control: 2.4Ghz Control distance: 600m Follow distance: 5-30m Charging time: About 300mins Flying time: 24mins Pressure sensor: Height setting Drone battery: 7. 3400mAh battery Controller battery: 2*AA battery (not included) Item size: 44*40*8.1cm(Unfold) Item weight: 549g Age: 14+ FPV Parameter: Camera lens: 130 Camera adjustment angle: 90 Image transmission system: 5G Wifi Image transmission distance: 450m Mobile device: IOS 6S or above/Android 4.5 or above TF Card Photo/Video resolution: 3840*2160 APP Photo/Video resolution: 1280*720 FAQ: 1.Unable to take off. The drone be paired with the remote control before taking off, and the light should not flash. Then please press the one-key takeoff button. 2.APP can’t control the drone. When the APP controls the drone, it cannot be connected to the remote control, and the drone needs to be calibrated. Please make sure the light doesn’t flash before taking off. 3.APP can’t show the picture. Please download the corresponding APP and connect to the drone’s WIFI firstly, then turn on the APP to see the Image transmission after confirm