Bump F-15 5G Remote Control Drone Quadcopter Foldable White and Blue, Wi-Fi 1080P HD Wide Angle Lens Camera Live Video 2.4 GHz Controller

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Flying the F-15 5G Brushless Motor GPS Drone, will fully immerse you into the ultimate next generation drone piloting experience. Connect your smart phone to the 2.4G remote control and enjoy flying like never before. View stunning HD 1920 x 1080P video in real-time from the onboard 5G wifi enabled manual moving camera. Take amazing photos or record videos during your flights and never miss another unforgettable moment of aerial action again. No need to worry about loosing your drone ever again with GPS positioning, explore the skies with confidence. Single button press return, low battery auto return and loss of control auto return functionalities allow for super stable worry-free flights. Expertly position your drone and plan exact flight patterns by assigning way-points on the flight map, or by enabling auto follow me to track your position on the ground with the touch of a button from up to 300 meters away. Our long-lasting high capacity battery allows for extended 15+ minute flight times. Connect the battery to the included charger for 90 minutes and return to high flying fun.Take your drone flying experience to the next level with Bump Drones. Utilizing cutting edge technologies featured in full scale aircrafts, advanced flight control systems, and infusing them with top of the line user-friendly intuitive controls, Bump drones allow anyone to pilot like a pro. Our mission is to provide top of the line of quality quadcopters with innovative features designed to fly no matter the situation, age, experience, or ability of the pilot. Wide Angle 1080p HD Camera: – Take amazing photos with a 110 wide-angle HD camera or record real-time HD videos during your flights and never miss another unforgettable moment of aerial action again. 300 Meters Flying Range: – The F-15 Drone has a flight range of up to 300 meters with real time transmission of images and video from 200 meters. Four High Efficiency Brushless Motors: – 4 strong, long lasting, brush less motors that reduce the noise and reduce the energy consumption of the Drone. GPS Satellite Navigation: – GPS Satellite Navigation makes it easy to follow your drone on your computer or mobile device. Intelligent Following: – Use intelligent following and your drone will follow you from up to 15 Meters away. Fixed Point Flight: – Use Fixed Point Flight mode to maintain a continuous 3 Meter orbit around a target, or to create a 360 Panoramic image. GPS Position Holding: – Our drone allows easy filming and observation of a subject using precise GPS positional holding. Headless Mode: – Headless control allows the pilot to steer the drone accurately no matter what direction they are facing.